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Welcome! Here's our Nichols Family Website Index Page!  All of the pages on this site are listed here, including several pages of histories, photos and family sites.  Just click on the links below to access the histories and various site pages listed and Enjoy! I am Roger Porter, great grandson of Alvin W. and Eve Susannah Jensen Nichols.  Please contact me at porterhouse88 at cableone dot net or click on the button, "E-mail Me" at the right.
Please add to this rich treasure with your family's copies of these wonderful photos and histories!
Roger and Earlene           Porter
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Alvin Willard Nichols and Eve Susannah Jensen           My
  Eva Allanna Nichols and Aaron Benjamin Porter, Jr.    Line
       Sarel Orien Porter and Louisa Pickett                          Of
            Roger Sarel Porter and Margaret Earlene Brown          Descent !
                          Pioneer Tribute                    They cut desire into short lengths
   and fed it to the hungry fires of courage.
        Long after, when the flames had died,
            molten gold gleamed in the ashes.
                They gathered it into bruised palms                             and handed it to their children
                         and to their children's children                                     forever.....                         
                                               Vilate C. Raile
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Aaron B. Porter Jr. Family Page
Meda Nichols Brian and Brian Sisters
Nichols Site and Family Pages:
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Alvin W. and Eve (Eva) Jensen Nichols History.doc
Alvin W. and Eve (Eva) Jensen Nichols History.htm
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Eva Thora Porter Rawson Autobiography.htm
Eva Thora Porter Rawson Autobiography.doc
Alvin W. Nichols         Eve Susannah Jensen