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Welcome! to our Alvin W. and Eve S. Jensen Family Page!  You will find several pages of histories, photos and family here.  Just click on the links below to access the histories and various site pages listed and Enjoy! I am Roger Porter, great grandson of Alvin W. and Eve Susannah Jensen Nichols.  You may reach me at porterhouse88 at cableone dot net or click on this button:

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Alvin Willard Nichols and Eve Susannah Jensen           My
  Eva Allanna Nichols and Aaron Benjamin Porter, Jr.    Line
       Sarel Orien Porter and Louisa Pickett                          Of
            Roger Sarel Porter and Margaret Earlene Brown          Descent !
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Alvin W. and family in the Burton Store
Chief Tendoy and Dr. Alvin W. Nichols
  Eve Susanna Jensen Nichols
Alvin W. and Eve Nichols Family 1907 
L-R: Back:  Lucy Ellene, Malcom Conrad, Lottie Verna, Lovina Almeda, Alvin Raymond, Eva Allanna, Cloy Chester, Ada Irene.
Front Row: Elva Valetta, Eva Susannah Jensen Nichols, Ava Leola, Alvin Willard Nichols, Ezra Leland, Cleo Lavon.
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Alvin W. and Eve Jensen Nichols Family: 1910
L-R, Standing: Malcom Conrad, Lottie Verna, Lovina Almeda, Alvin Raymond, Ada Irene, Eve Allanna, Lucy Ellene, Cloy Chester
Sitting: Ava Leola, Elva Valetta, Eva Susannah Jensen, Ezra Leland, Alvin Willard Nichols, Cleo Lavon

Alvin W. Nichols      Eve Susannah Jensen
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Eve S. Jensen Nichols
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