Nichols Family Reunion,  27 July 1927, Austin and Ellene Watts Home, Rexburg, ID
     Marriage of Lottie Nichols and Wm. Ingram Holley, 26 June 1918
Gathering in front of John Austin and Ellene Watts Home, Rexburg, ID
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Courtesy of Doris Rounds:  Picture taken at the wedding of Bill Holley  and Lottie Nichols, 26 June,1918, shortly after they returned from serving in the same mission. Taken in front of Austin and Ellene Watts' home, Rexburg ID.  

Back Row:  Edna Naef Nichols, Ellene N. Watts, Meda N. Brian, Lillian Marler Nichols, William I. (Bill) Holley, Lottie N. Holley, Cleo Nichols, Elva Nichols, Lola Nichols, Thora Porter, 12 yrs. 8 mo., dau. of Allanna, Aaron B. Porter, May Russell Nichols.  (Absent from picture: George Smith, hus. of Ada; Frank Brian, hus. of Meda.)

Middle Row:  Conrad Nichols, Arvilla Watts (dau of Ellene, 3 yrs. 8 mo.), J. Austin Watts ,holding son, Loy (son of Ellene, 1 yr. 5 mo.), Cleone, (daughter of Cloy, 2 yrs. 8 mo.), Cloy Nichols, Margaret Nichols, (dau. of Cloy, 4 yrs. old), Nicoline Eriksen Jensen (mother of Eve Jensen Nichols, Eve Jensen Nichols (holding Norma Brian, dau. of Meda and Frank Brian, 4 mo.), Alvin W. Nichols, Allanna N. Porter (holding son Don, 3 yrs. 7 mo.), Osmer (son of Allanna and Aaron Porter, 14 yrs. 8 mo.), Ray Nichols, Clarence Nichols, 11 yrs. 8 mo., and Joseph Nichols , 9 yrs. old, (sons of Ray).

Front Row: Maxine Nichols, dau. of Conrad, 2 years old; LeMoyne Watts, son of Ellene, 8 yrs. old; Conley Watts, son of Ellene, 7 yrs. old; Rulon Smith, son of Ada, 2 yrs, 10 mo. old; Ada Smith holding dau, Evalyn, 1 yr. old; Bernice Brian, dau of Meda, almost 5 yrs. old;  Maurice Smith, son of Ada, 4 yrs. old; Leland, Rea Porter, dau. of Allanna, 6 yrs. old; Sarel Porter, son of Allanna, 11 yrs. old; Russell, son of Ray, almost 6 yrs. old; Oreta, dau. of Ray, almost 3 yrs. old.

L-R: Eve Susannah Jensen Nichols, Cleo Lavon Nichols Young Smith, Eva Allanna Nichols Porter,  Lottie Verna Nichols Holley, Alvin Raymond Nichols, Elva Valetta Nichols Cheney, Ada Irene Nichols Smith
Alvin W. Nichols Family Reunion, 1993
Courtesy of Thora Porter, including the names!
Back Row: Edna Naef Nichols, Bill Holley, Lottie Holley, Lillian Marler Nichols, Austin Watts holding son Loy, b: 3 Feb 1917, Ellene Watts, Ada Smith, Lottie Jensen Gamble, (Eve's Sister), Leland Nichols, Lola Nichols, Elva Nichols, Meda Brian, Aaron Porter, Thora Porter, Cleo Nichols May Russell Nichols, Osmer Porter
Middle Row: Conrad Nichols, Cloy Nichols, holding daughter Cleone, b: 22 Oct 1915, Mrs. John Watts, (mother of Austin), Nicolene Erikson Jensen (mother of Eve Susannah Jensen Nichols), Eve Susannah Jensen Nichols, holding Norma Brian, b: 2 Mar 1918, Alvin W. Nichols, Ada Neeley, her husband and daughter (Ada was Austin Watts' Sister), Allanna Nichols Porter, Ray Nichols, Sarel Porter.
Front Row: Margaret Nichols (dau. of Cloy), Don Porter (son of Allanna), Rulon Smith (son of Ada), Maurice Smith (son of Ada),
Evalyn Smith (dau. of Ada), Velma Gamble (dau. of Lottie Gamble), Bernice Brian (dau. of Meda), Maxine Nichols (dau. of Connie),
Conley Watts (son of ellene), Oreta Nichols (dau. of Ray), Arvilla Watts (dau. of Ellene), Lemoyne Watts (son of Ellene),
Russell Nichols (son of Ray), Rea Porter (dau. of Allanna), Joseph Nichols (son of Ray), Clarence Nichols (Son of Ray).
Cloy, E. Lee, Alvin W., Connie, Ray
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