Burton, ID Family Sites:
  Blue Star is Nichols Family Farm in Independence, now Thornton area.

  Brown Star is Cemetery site

  Green Star is First Home of  Eva Allanna Nichols and Aaron B. Porter Jr., Birthplace of Osmer, Thora and Sarel.

   Purple Star is Farm Site of Aaron B. Porter Sr. and Rebecca Margaret Poole.

   Orange Star is site of Store in Burton run by Alvin W. Nichols.

Rexburg, Idaho
Thornton Store

Toward Pocatello
  Alvin W. Nichols and Eve Susannah Jensen Family Web Site:
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Nichols Family Home in Rexburg
Greentimber Home?
First Home of Allana Nichols and ABPorter, Jr.
Birthplace of Osmer, Thora, Sarel, Burton, ID
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