Autobiography and Journal


Hans Peter Jensen




        This document is a copy of the microfilmed, handwritten autobiography and journal of Hans Peter Jensen.  Duplicates of the microfilm can be examined at any Latter-day Saints Family History Library. The transcript was prepared by Dorothy Jensen Schimmelpfennig, a great granddaughter of Hans Peter Jensen and Sarah J. Clausen, his second wife. 

        The handwritten original begins with page 4 and continues through to page 22, with the omission of pages 7 and 10, as well as half of pages 8 and 9, which were folded back, previously or at the time of the filming.

        The autobiography and journal was written in English with the exception of the section listing his wives and children.  It was also organized in chronological order except for that same section which is found at the very beginning in the film.  To restore this order, the list of wives and children has been moved to the end of this document.

        A minimum number of periods and commas were inserted when deemed necessary for clarification.  Words that had been inserted into sentences by Hans Peter were enclosed within parenthesis.  Editorial comments and corrections were either enclosed within brackets or footnoted.  Danish words were italicized and the meanings given.  Spelling was carefully duplicated with the exception of the part written in Danish. For the convenience of those who cannot read the language, this section was translated into English.  No changes were made in the spelling of proper names.

        Ingeborg Mortensen was the sixth wife of Hans Peter Jensen.  Neither her name nor that of her children were included in the filmed document. To rectify this glaring omission, the pertinent information was added to this preface.

        Hans Peter Jensen and Ingeborg Nielsen were married on October 2, 1857.  They became the parents of the following children: 

        (1) Sarah Josephine, born September 7, 1859; died May 29, 1862.

        (2) Franklin Peter, born March 15, 1862.

        (3) Sarah Malvine Marintha, born March 31, 1864.

        (4) Gerhard Peter, born February 20, 1866.

        (5) Jennie, born November 1, 1869; died April 14, 1877.

        Nicoline Eriksen, Hans Peter’s seventh wife, was also missing, although her children were listed.  Her name was added above those of her children.



                                 HANS PETER JENSEN



      Biography and Journal of Hans Peter Jensen, the Son of Jens Petersen, was born on Sjeland, New Hagested, near Holbeck, March 8, 1815 (April 27th).[1]  Confirmed in the Luther Protestant Religion in Tornbye [Tårnby], Amager, and started to learn the Blacksmith trade 1831 in Copenhagen, in the Year 1835 I had advanced to the Grade of "Svend."  In 1834 I was aware of my dayly careless and sinfull life, repented and turned my thoughts to Religion, but found no Sattisfaction in the dominant Church.[2] In 1839 I with 11 more friends were baptist in the Baptist Church in Copenhagen by Ministers from Hamburg, Onken and Köbner:  Thus the first Baptist Church in Denmark was organized 27 Octbr. 1839.  Debr. 2nd the same Year I traveled as Jurny man of my Trade, and also as Missionare to work and spread the Doctrine of the Baptist Church, of which I was enthusiastic devoted.  I arrived in Aalborg, Juttland, worked there at my trade 15 Months, and at the same time tried hard to convince People of my Believe and faith in the new Doctrine, with the result that a branch was organized of said Church in 1840 of 8 Persons in Aalborg and I was instalt to preside over same.

      1841, Fbr. 21 started I out as my own Man rented a Blaksmidt Shope in Nørre sundby.

      1842, April. 8 I was married to my first Wife, Ane Marie, Daughter of Captain Jorgen Clausen.

      1843, Fbr. 12, Afternoon 3 o clok we were blessed with a Daughter whom we called Ane Catharine                     Jensen.

      1844, Jan. 12 my Father in law died.

      The same Year March 1, my own Father died upon Amager.  The same Year we were blessed again with a Daughter the 15th of April who was called Anna Elisabeth Jensen.  1845 Decbr. 19 my first Son was born Jurgen Peter Jensen.  1847 Novbr. 9, another Son was born to us and called Frederick Jensen.

      1848 July 24, 6 a.m. my Wife died.

      1849 March 3, I married again, to Sarah Josephine Daughter of Jens Clausen fa Schleswig.  [The Danish word "fra" means "from."  Schleswig is in Germany.] We met and got acquainted in a Baptist Conference in Hamburg, allmost like in the manner of Abraham Son's Courtship.  As satest before I was first 4 Years amongst those who had separated them from this State Lutheran Protestant Church, offert much to the Poor, and was hard persecuted in that time, but this was only a beginning of the Persecution and trouble that I experience when I joyend the Baptist.  I was Baptist in 11 Year, passed through great trials and persecution, gave my money and means for the interest of the spread of their doctrine, travelt and stood many hardships and spent all I had to strengthen and uphold the Baptist Creed with the Idea and belive that I was working for God.  I had no Salleres or Profit in the least degree for my offer of time and means, but made bitter Ennemys of my former Associates who now were joyning hands with other Sects to fight us, and of course I was always in front the battle and not withstanding had esteem and love of the majority.

      The Branch over which I presidet number about 300 and I surely believed it was the Church & People of God.  But now in 1850 in Octbr. did God sent his Servant G. P. Dykes [George Parker Dykes] to us.  I was informed concerning him and thought he must be false and wrong—but I had not conversed with him long before in all quiet and kind Spirit he convinced me out of my Bible that he was right and I was wrong.  And there for I repented and was by him baptest for the remission of my Sins, also my Wife and 6 other Bpt. Members were baptist the same day Octbr. 27.  I went now to my bretheren the Baptist whom I loved and had worked for so long & with all my heart counciled them to do the same as I, repent and follow my Exampel, Baptist Doctrine was wrong, and the true Gospel restored.  Some did listen and were converted, but the leaders, after I step down, became very bitter Ennemies, Foltved my former assistant, Christen Gardner og Christen Westerbye. [The Danish word “og” means “and.”]  They published Lies preached and done all they could to keep the little Flock from hearing the truth and bewilder the People.  Persecution now started all around us, and some sustained great loss.

      A branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints was now organized, Novb. 24, 1850 and I was ordained a Preist after the order of Aron, and also to preside over the branch.  The same Year on Christmas day we enjoyed a feast with our Children.  All the branch Children had their blessing (we had 5 children blest.) 

      1851, Febr. 12 was our Daughter Ane Chatarina baptist.  On March 3 was I called and ordained an Elder in the Church, worked in and out of the Church and branch, spent all personal Power and goodly Sums of Money to advance this great and wonderfull Work.  In our Missionary travel amongst Baptisterne, we, Br. Dykes, Skow [Niels C. Schou] and I, were some times badly treated, ones in Lungby by Mr. Ernst and Wife.  After having walked many Miles and borne Testamony of this work it was late in the night and bitter cold, but we were refused Shelter and food by this Man our former friend, allthough we ask for it.  The same treatment we received in . . . . [undecipherable word] our former Bp. friends.  We would gone long ways to win them, but they would not give ear. 

      1851, Jun. 22, started the first real Persecution and kept up for 9 Days and Nights, our Bretheren were ill treated and their Propertie destroyed.  The Mob surrounded my House for 4 Nights, broke all the Window and sought my life.  I had to flee from House and Business and run 4 Miles (16 Mil. eng.) [16 English miles.] in 5 Hours, was nearly over come with heat which was unusally that day, but I reached the Steamboat in time at Hals, allthough barely escaped the raging People, who had assembled in great Crowds, all seemed to know me and tried to hinder my speed to the Steamboat, and even called at the drunken Rowers that took me there in a Boat to throw me overbord.  I kept them in conversation and held up Money for them if they could reach their in time.

      July 11, I arrived in Coppenhagen and enjoyed meeting with the Saints, and was cared for comfortable by Br. and Sister Petersen.  After I had given in my report to the Presidence in Copenhagen about our Mobing and bad Condition in Aalborg, was it resolved to make up a Comitie and make a Statement of the unlawfull and babarich way the Mob had dealt with our People in Aalborg.

      July 14 our Statement was delivered to Justest minnestern [Justice Minister].  We now were aware that he was not our Freind, but he promised to investigate the Case.  I continued to bear my Testamonie and strengthen the Bretheren.  I hunted up my old Baptist Freinds, Münster, Hassing, Budding, and many more, but the had turned to bitter Enemies.  I went to Amager with my message of glad tidings but met there with the same reception, among others 2 Backer [bakers] tried to stone me out of the Place.

      I stayed in and around Copenhagen 4 Weeks, preach the Gospel and organized a branch there.  After that was sent by the Presidense to Bornholm, an Island between Denmark and Sweden, as presiding Elder.  We arrived in safty over the rough Sea at Bornholm the 25 and were we received with great Joy by the few Saints there.  I went to Amager and met to start with a Baptist H. P. Larsen, but after hearing what I had to say went sorrowfull away cause he would not believe.  I renewed my visits to the presiding Baptist but worked in vain.  I labored in Bornholm about 4 week, preached the Gospel, baptist and organized a branch of the Church.  I providet Money for the poor that took care of me, distributed a good amount of Tracts, paid my own Traveling expenses and endured much Tribulation while on that Mission.

      Augs. 17, I arrived in Copenhagen, enjoyed meeting with members of the branch and at the Conferrence held and after its closing were permited to return Home, where I found my Wife and Children all well and my Buisness thriving and blest, but some of the Bretheren tempted.

      Agst. 27, Apostel Erastus Snow visited us in Aalborg.

         "    31, Conference in our Branch was held in Kjellgarden [Kjeldgård] near Aalborg where nearly all the Saints gathered, had an enjoyable time, were strenghthend and encouraged, an other branch organized, Bretheren ordained and sent out as Missionaries.  Br. Erastus Snow left us for Copenhagen Septbr. 4.

      I was now at Home for 5 Week and worked Spiritualy and temporally.  I went to several places near by and performed Missionary work, and in the face of opposition, hatred and Ill treatment we secured a foothold.

      Septbr. 29, left Home and went to Headquarters (Copenhagen) labored there for spreading the

Gospel truths, was then the 9 Octbr.  Sent again to the Island of Bornholm where I arrived the next Day.  I labored first in the Country for one week and baptist 7 Persons.  17th Octbr. I rented a Hall in the Town called Rönne for holding Meetings at my own expense.  Baptisterne again tried hard to disturb us but failed in their efforts and with Shame.  We got an other Hall in exchange.

      I bar my Testamonie of the Gospel restored for Preist and Officers of the Law, some were indifferent, others got bitter ennemies.  One particular Ajar Brandt who wrote and influenced the Press against as to excit the People.

      On the 24 [October, 1851] when we came to our meeting, we found a great Crowd gathered there for different purpose.  We went on with our meeting as usally, the Spirit of God was with us and it seemed the Crowd was powerless for a while, we had a chance to deliver our Gospel message, and when the Mob could stand it no longer they gave the Signal for the Atack.  They overpowered us kicked and knocked us about, spitted, illtreated us and at last dragged us throug the Street over to our Lodging.  As we learned later was this Aag Brandt and an other, the Instigators here of this moberactic Afair.  A Tanner Mr. Wolf, and Herrman [Hermandsen] proved our freinds in protecting our lifes.

      The 25 was I summoned for the Police, and testafeid to our Doctrine to him and others in the City.  In the evening I left and went out in the Country, but found the People every where fully aroused against us by this last Out burst in Rönne, and advertisment scattered abroad.  Notwithstandig we were not much molested, bar our Message and made 17 Converts.  We organized a branch of the Church there and then left for Copenhagen.  I suffered a great deal of trouble in Bornholm, and on the Sea.  The Wind was against our Vessel Shipp and did make no headway.  Some of the Pasengers said it was cause there was a Mormon on Bord and suggested to throw him overbord.  And by the Captain's advice I went down in the lowest part of the Shipp and laid on Rocks for 3 Nights and days without food to [until] we landet in Copenhagen.  When released, my feet were badly frozen.

      I enjoyed meeting with the Saints in Conferrence, and after closing got permission to go home and see my Familie.  There I labored both temporally and Spiritually unto the 14 Fbr. 1852 when I was called to Copenhagen, and traveld there on foot.  I left my Wife sick, having 8 Days prior born to us our Son Joseph Moroni Jensen under great persecution from the Mob.

      The 20 Fbr. [1852]  I was set a part and ordained Over [The Danish word "over" means "high."] Priest and Counslor to the Presidency of the Church in Scandinavien by Apostle Erastus Snow, and sent to Norway to open the Gospel door in that place.  At this said Conferrence I gave to the Fund 50 Rigsdalere, for Tithing 100 Rigsdalere, to Br. Erastus Snow 50 Rigsdalere.[3] [The “Fund” is the L.D.S. Perpetual Emigrating Fund.]

      Jun 6, I left Home and arreived in Brevig, Norway, stopped there for 6 Days and paid 6 Rigsdalere for Lodging.  I held severall meetings and preached for many People, also distributed Tracts.  Editor Trane, a Priest, and a Shool teacher showed themselves great Ennemies.  I traveled on to Oesterrsör, arrived there 18 Jun. and found a few Bretheren that were baptist all well.  I ordained S. Larsen [Svend Peter Larsen] as Elder and his Children were blessed.

      20th.  The Sacrament was adminested and well attendet meetings.

      25th.  I baptest 6 Converts, ordained 2 Priest.

      26th.  I traveled on to Arensdal and bore my Testamone to good . . . . [indecipherable word.

      30th.  I came to Christians Sand [Kristiansand], talked to Some that would hear me on the great Work in hand, and on the 3 July arived at Mandahl, held a few meetings there, then travled 80 Miles 120 engl. M. on foot back to Risor [Österissör].  I arived July 8 and stayed unto July 16.  I baptist some, organized a Branch, ordained John Olsen an Elder and to preside over said Branch.  18 in number.  Quite a lively Storm of persecution arose and we left for Brevig.  Here we rented a large Hall and held many well atendet Meetings, and felt there was fair prospect for the Lords blessings.  We bought here a Sail boat for 400 Rigsdalere and sailed on to Frederickstadt.  Here we labored, had success, organized a branch, and came to Brevig again, then sailed in said Boat to Denmark Aalborg my house.

      I feel thankful to say we had some Success in Norway, the foundation of the Church is laid there, severall Branches organized, many Publications and Tracts scatter of Gods work broadcast in the land.  I set B. Ahmanson [Johan A. Ahmanson] apart to preside of the Mission in Norway when I left.

      We were present at the Conference in Aalborg, and there after sailed in our little Boat called Zions Lion to Copenhagen and about 12 Bretheren acompanyed us.  It was Conference time there and at its close I was ordained as travling presidincy (Over Priest) [High Priest] to visit and have charge over all the Conferrenceses in Scandinavian on Agust 15, 1852.  Also was advised to sell out all my Propperty as soon as possible.

      We went now to Fredercia to hold Conference there, then to Copenhagen, thence to Aalborg, allways in our little Boat.

      Now I began to prepare to get rid of all I owned, to advertise my Goods and sale out entirly, which was acomplished 14 Agst, for the sum of 8,100 Rigsdalere.

      Soon after I accompanyed my familie first to Copenhagen, then on to Schleswig, where I rented a House and then started bak to Copenhag, Aalborg.  This Jurney costed over 400 Rigsdalere.

      Now I started to perform my Mission in traveling from one Conference to another.  I jurneyed through Frederickshavn and Sobye and bore my Testamony to a great many People, then I came back to Aalborg, than south to Frederisia, held Conferense, then bak to Aalborg and delivered up all my Buisness property.  I had offort much for the assistance of our Church in that place, to the Poor, for House rent, for Publication Tracts 4 Rigsdalere regularly, for our Poor weekly, to our [Perpetual Emigrating] Fund, some familyes were assisted through my help whose Husbands were on missions, besides many other expenses.

      I traveled now again to Copenhagen to assist in getting ready the first Emigration to America, and spent much money in that direction.  The old Lady Sister Holm 150 Rigsdalere, to Br. Overlade 200 Rigsdalere, to my Brother Gehard Jensen 190 Rigsdalere, to 2 of my Children 200 Rigsdalere, to Br. Hansen 50 Rigsdalere, to Br. Forsgren [Brother John E. Forsgren] 25 Rigsdalere.  I acompanyed now our Emigration to Hamborg [Germany] and assited them to the best I was able, gave my Sister Julia 15 Rigsdalere.  I than went bak to Schleswig and stayed there for 3 week, held meetings and gave my time to the People.  I baptist 17 and organized a branch of the Church there.  1 Elder, 1 Priest, 1 Teacher.  Thise was now rumored about and I was summond before the Police, found dangerous and was bannished from the Country from Wife and Children.

      I left and traveld north to the City of Flensburg [Northern Germany], stayed there 2 Nights, converted 4 Persons of the truth and came again to Copenhagen.  Thise Jurney was also very expensive.  Br. Snow in leaving Denmark for England conferred upon me the Mannegment of the Mission, in his Absence on the 23 of Jan. 1852.  Pres. Snow & Hansen came bak Fbr. 2 and brought with them Elder Perry a missionary from Zion.

      I stayed in Copenhagen to Aprl. 12.  We were greately blessed in that time, about 200 Pesons were baptist in Copenhagen during that short period.  I should have been of to visit the different Conferences held but could not leave for the severity of Winter and Ise trouble. [“Ise” is the Danish word for “ice.”]

      Our Conferrence in Copenhagen convinsd [convened] the 6 of April to the 9th.  We were greately blessed during the same with inspired and strengthening Instructions from our Bretheren and from Reports given from other Conferrences.

      April 12, I traveld in company with Br. Andersen to Aarhuus, then we went 11 Mil Danish) out in the Country were there was a small branch of the Church, had meeting with them, and stayed over Night.  They Members felt glad and strengthend.  We left them and continued our travel to the City of Horsens, had meeting with the Bretheren, stayed one Night and jurneyed on to the City of Weile [Vejle].  There Br. Beck received us kindly and cared for us.  We traveld on to the City of Fredericia, arrived there April 15.

      April 17, convined [convened] our Conference, there was a great Gathering of the Saints from the County around, and we enjoyed a goodly out pouring of the Spirit of God and the Saints rejoyced for 2 Days and felt glad, praised the Lord and left for their home greately blessed.

      I left the same Evening and continued my travel south to Schleswig on foot, arreived at the 20, and found my Family all healthy and well.  April 22 we had a meeting and all the branch gathered.  I felt it was not all right here and talk plain and instructive to the Saints assembled, in warning them against evil Influence. 

      I rested with my Familie for on [one] weeck, then traveled in Company with Br. Johann Jurgens my Father in law, to Flensborg, there we preached and held meetings for one week.  9 were baptist and a smal Branch organized.  There were also many who believed our Testamony.  We visited severall so called Church believers but the would not lissen to what we had to say, and showed themselves Ennemy toward us.  I stayed at Home now to May 25.  The little Branch there was not in a healthy Condition and did not grow:  the . . . . . . . [page folded] come under a bad Influence of spiritual high mindeness. . . . . . . . [page folded] worked hard against this, and hoped to had over come it gennerall, replaced Members in their place and office so they would grow.  Brother Jürgens my Father in Law was ordained a Elder and to preside over the Schleswig and Flensborg branch of the Church.  Br. Pipgrass was also ordained a Priest to work under Prs. Jurgens in Schleswig.  Now I left this place and my family healthy and well.

      May 25th, 1853.  I stopped in Flensburg 5 days and bore my Testamony for many People, also had meeting with the branch there.  I travelt on then and came to Headquarters in Copenhagen next Day and remained there till Jun. 9, attending Meeting and preaching when their was an oppertunity.  I left and arrived in Aalborg on Jun. 10 and found the branch there well and happy.

      We had Meeting on the 12 and Council Meeting the 13, where also a Wedding took place.  We meet again on the 15th of Jun.  On Jun. 17 visited Aalborg and from there in Company with Elder Schow [Niels C. Schou] visited the Saints in Wensüsel [Vendsyssel] County where we held many Meeting in a Circle of 30 Miles, and had an enjoyable time with our Church Members.  We travelet back to Aalborg and for one Weeck attendet several instructive, well arranged Meeting with the Saints.

      At this time I was called by Pres. Willard Snow to Kopenhagen (where my family now was located) to answer to a charge made against me for imorall conduct and greatly magnifyed and lies added by my Accusers.  I had a trial.  Pres. Snow told me to make a clean Statement of things, which I did and asked forgivness, but he felt it nessesary, as the Rumer had spread so much, to take the [sic] my Pristhood from me, and I was left alone and in great Suffering.

      August 9th, Pres. Snow called a Counsil meeting of 12 Elders where my Case should be argued and settlet.  By so doing however severall other cases were brough fort and the desision was pardon and be baptist, which was tendet to on Augs. . . . . . . . . [page folded]

      Next Day in a large Meeting of Saints we, Br. P.O. Hansen [Peter O. Hansen] and I, were reordained and by unimmous Vote placed in our former Position in the Priesthood, and We and the Saints were greatly rejoycing.

      The next day Agst 15 when closing the Meeting by prayer Pres. Snow fell prostrated on the floor, after being administert and prayed for he revieved but felt very sick.  We accompanied him home, and after I saw him comfortable in Bed went home.  In the Night however he got restless and sent Word to me to come to him.  Many of the Bretheren were also summoned and he spoke to us of the Church affairs.  Then he requested Br. P.O. Hansen and I to take him to England.

      We conveyed him to go to bed and he slept till morning but by awakening found he was insane.  He got very bad so we had to take him to the Hosptal.  We prepared now to take our friend to England, which was a hard & difficoult thing in his Condition.  But we got to Kiel [Germany] on Agus. 18, then to Hamburg and from there onto the Steamer Transit to England.  But before we reched our destination Prest. Snow died on the Sea in said Steamer, slept quietly away, and was buried at 11 p.m. Agst 21, [1853] with great reverence, by the Captain and Sailors in the Ocean.

      Next Morning we landet at Hull, then with the Train to Liverpool where we were kindly received by the Saints.  Agst. 23, I wrote home.  The 27 we gave in our Report to Pres. Richards.  Agst 28 attendet a meeting and had the pleasure of telling my feelings to them.  The 29 we got ready to start for home and Elder John Van Cott with us as President for the Scandinavian Mission.  We stayed over 1 day in Hull then on to Hamburg, Kiel and arrived in Copenhagen Septbr. 4, 5 p.m., when the Saints glad wellcome us, and my Family happy and well.  Septb 15, I started to travel to visit, hold attending Conferences.  I arrived at Horsens then travelt south to Fredericia, held Conference there and the Saint were happy and blessed. 

      Septb. 18, 19, they gave me money for my traveling expence and I startet bak to Copenhagen on a Steamer.

      Septb. 23.  In company with Br. Svend Larson from Norway, I and my Sarah bordet our Shipp Zions Løve [“Løve” is the Danish word for "lion."] and sailed to Aalborg where their Conference was conviened Septb. 25-26. We had a real good time and the Saints felt to rejoyce, then they made a great feast and after that presented me with a heavy gold Watch chain.  Next day they got a Conveyance to take us to the next Conference in order in Wensusel [Vensyssel] Octb. 2.  We had a good time.  The Saints felt blessed, happy and sattesfied, and we left them on the 4th Octbr.  On the 6th we arrived home in Copenhagen where Conference was in progress.  I stayed there and worked for the Interest of the Church till Nov. 25.  Travelt by train to Aarhus, then to Fredericia, held Conference on 27-28.  All was well there and I went north to Aalborg and attendet Conference with the Branch there in Wensussel Decbr. 4.  On the 10 I finished all my business affair in my old place and left Jutland.  Decbr. 11, I arrived in Copenhagen and found my Ennemy sought for my life.  I did hide among our People for 3 days and then left in the night by Express [train], over land for Hamborg, where I was awaiting our Emigration in a short time on their way to England.



                                                            *    *    *    *    *    *    *



      I came in to Salt Lake Octbr. 5, 1854.  My Wife and 4 Children all well.  My Wife and I were baptist Octbr. 1854 and I again ordained.

      1850. Octbr. 27, I with my Wife were baptist in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints in Aalborg Denmark and 6 Persons more by G. P. Dykes, being the Pioneers in this great Work in Jütland, and the second organized branch in Denmark.




[Hans Peter Jensen listed his wives and children in his native language.  This translation was produced by the editor.  The spelling of the names of wives and children is as Hans wrote them.]


Record of my first wife:

1842, April 8:  I married my first wife, Ane Marie, daughter of Captain Jorgen Clausen.  The

marriage took place in Nørre Sundby, near Aalborg, Jutland, Denmark.

1843, February 12:  At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, my wife gave birth to her first daughter, named

      Ane Catrine Jensen.

1844, April 15:  At eight o'clock in the morning a daughter named Anne Elizabet Jensen was born.

1845, December 19:  At 6 o'clock in the afternoon my wife gave birth to her first son named Jorgen

      Peder Jensen.

1847, November 9:  At 7:15 in the morning son named Frederick P. Jensen was born.

1848, July 24:  My wife Ane Marie died of dropsy and was buried in Nørre Sundby.  It was here that

      all the children of my first marriage were born.

1864, December 11:  My son Frederick P. Jensen died in Brigham City.  I ordained him an elder prior

      to his death.


Wife No. 3:

1855, April:  Sara Ann Morgan was sealed to me by P. Sony.  The endowment and sealing took place

      on November 16.[4]

1856, February 17:  My wife bore a daughter named Lawrian Jensen.  The baby died March 31

      and Sara left me in April of the same year.


Wife No. 5:

1855, November 16:  Widow Mette Marie Holm was endowed and sealed to me.  She died January

      8, 1863, in Brigham City.


Wife No. 2:  The record of my first living wife.

1849, March 3:  I married Sara Josefine, daughter of Jens Clausen of Schleswig.

1850, March 20:  In Nørre Sundby my wife gave birth to a first son named Jacob Peder Jensen.

1852, February 7:  A second son named Josef Moroni P. Jensen was born in N. Sundby.

1855, October 10:  At 4:30 in the afternoon a daughter named Sara Ephramine Jensen was born in

      Brigham City, Utah.

1857, November 5:  At 11:30 in the evening a son named Efraim P. Jensen was born and blessed

      by me in Brigham City.


1860, March 4:  At 11:30 in the evening a daughter named Hulda Emilie Jensen was born in Brigham

      City and blessed by B. Wright.

1862, May 22:  At 7:45 in the evening a daughter named Fanna Elisabet Jensen was born in Brigham

      City and blessed by B. Smidt.  Our daughter died on February 23, 1863.

1864, January 6:  At 3 o'clock in the morning a son named Hans Peter Jensen was born in Brigham

      City and blessed by me.

1866, January 23:  At 2:30 in the morning a son named Alma Jensen was born in Brigham City and

      blessed by me.  He died in 1866.

1868, June 2:  At 8 o'clock in the evening a son named Willard Clausen Jensen was born in Brigham

      City and blessed by me.

1855, November 16:  Hans Peter Jensen and Sara Jensen were endowed and sealed.


Wife No.4:

1855, November 16:  Dorthee Clausen was endowed and sealed to me.

1859, February 10:  At 10 o'clock in the evening a daughter named Lowise Jensen was born

      and blessed by me.

1862, March 21:  At 10 o'clock in the morning a daughter named Ema Elisabet was born and blessed

      by me.

1864, May 6:  At 7 o'clock in the evening a son named Lorense Peder Jensen was born and blessed

      by me.

1867, August 7:  At noon a son named Charles P. Jensen was born and blessed by me.

1869, November 30:  At 6 o'clock in the afternoon a daughter named Alle Catrine Jensen was born

      and blessed by me.


      Stina Marker was sealed to me.  Sarah Jensen acted as proxy.

      Ditto — Sarah Clausen's grandmother.

      Ditto — Cathrine Ullrig[5]

        Aunt      Mari Clausen — sealed to me[6]

        Ditto      Dorethe Hansen Clausen

        Ditto      Dorthe Clausen

        Ditto      Catrine Steffensen

        Friend    Anne Casper — sealed to me.


[Wife No. 6:  Ingeborg Nielsen and her children are missing from this manuscript.  Names and dates

      are  included in the preface.]


[Wife No 7:  The name of Nicoline Eriksen and her position among the wives is missing.]


1861, June 27:  At 4 o'clock in the afternoon a daughter Eva Susana Jensen was born.  She was

 blessed by B. Wright.

1862, November 12:  At 1 o'clock in the morning a daughter Borta Magdalena was born.

1864, August 20:  A son Niels Peder Jensen was born.

1867, March 22:  At 4 o'clock in the morning a son Frederick P. Jensen was born and blessed.      He died January 9, 1871.

1869, February 14:  At 5 o'clock in the afternoon a daughter Ida Rosine Jensen was born and blessed

      by me.

1871, January 15:  At 1 o'clock in the morning a daughter Syartte [Charlotte] Marie Jensen was born

      and blessed by me.

1873, June 21:  At 7 o'clock in the morning a son Esra Peder Jensen was born and blessed by me.

[1] In the manuscript the date of April 27 was inserted above March 8.  According to parish records, neither is correct.  Hans Peter Jensen was born and christened at home on April 23, 185.  The place of his birth was Lille Hagested, near Ny Hagested, in the parish of Holbæk, on the island of Sjælland.

[2] Because Hans frequently neglected to include periods or commas, the events for the dates of 1834 and 1835 are uncertain.


[3] Hans Peter Jensen used a unique sign to signify a Danish banknote, the Rigsdalere.


[4]  Sealings and baptisms were sometimes repeated in the early days of the Mormon Church.


[5] Catharine Ölerich was the mother of Sarah Josephine Clausen, the second wife of Hans Peter Jensen.

[6] Maria Clausen was the daughter of Sarah Josephine’s grandparents Jens and Sara Lundberg Clausen.  Dorothea Clausen, Dorothea Hansen, and Catharine Steffen were married to the sons of Jens and Sara Clausen.