The Boogie Woogie Boogie ManThe Boogie Woogie Boogie Man is a rare Halloween theme soundie with the Will Osborne Orchestra backing up the very young Brian Sisters -- Betty, Gwen & Doris -- who start off with the lyrics:

"There's a spook in tinpan alley walking on the piano keys/ He's the jiving ghost who can make the most/ Of his rhythm making tendencies.

"So, better watch out, someone's about/ Hauntin' the town with new kinds of rhythm/ You may meet the boogie woogie boogie man."

The sisters had been a child act & though they're teenagers by the time they appeared in this featurette, they're still dressing like little children. Their harmonies are reminscent of the Andrew Sisters, more commercial than artful.

As they sing the stage goes dark, the girls huddle close, & jack-o-lanterns lower from above to float (or dangle) behind them.

Suddenly a harsh light strikes the stage & gigantic shadows of three dancing witches hover over the girls threateningly. In all, quite a cool bit of film, of a song by Milton Rosen & Everett Carter.


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